It’s time to end the battle,

let us help.

Let's change our futures, together.

Are you ready to join us? Whether you’re curious about experiencing Sam in person, ready to commit to ending your battle with food and your body, or you’d like to master the Phoenix Formula and help other women – we’ve got you.

The Society

The Society is the Hungry For Happiness signature group coaching program. This six-month experience combines the power of self work, community & mentorship to support you each and every day to end the battle with food and your body. This is not a ‘bandaid on a bullet wound’ approach, this program is designed to get to the core of what is keeping you stuck in the battle and create sustainable transformation on the inside and out.
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The Retreats

The retreat experience is a deep dive immersion into the work we do at Hungry For Happiness. It’s an opportunity to completely disconnect from the outside world and connect to your inside world. The work is delivered in remote locations, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful nature. You will be nourished by remarkable chefs throughout the entire experience. It’s a beautiful blend of deep transformational healing and relaxation.
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Certification Program

Do you want to spend your life helping women end their battle with food and their bodies? Once a year, our founder, Samantha Skelly delivers a 10-month certification program to educate budding coaches in her Phoenix Formula, our proven system that takes individuals from a place of fighting food to finding freedom. This program also has a business building portion to help coaches create profitable businesses. This program is by application and invitation only.
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The Live Events

The Hungry For Happiness Body & Love Self Experience is a two-day immersion which is a heart-opening, transformational experience led by Samantha Skelly. Samantha leads participants through an intense process which helps them reconnect back into their bodies and experience the essence of self love and inner connection.
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Join the online Trible of Phoenixes!

Join a powerful group of women ruthlessly committed to ending their fight with food and their bodies. Know that you are not alone and get the support you have always needed from soul sisters just like you all around the world.

You are a Phoenix, join the rest of the tribe.