The Crazy Truth About Food And Money

Two things that we stress our shit over – food and money.


We love it
We hate it
We sneak it
We share it
We over consume it
We under consume it

It brings us joy while simultaneously stripping us of our sanity.

We allow food and money to take leverage over us – we create dysfunctional relationships with them based on beliefs we have – these beliefs are almost always rooted in scarcity, which then establishes unhealthy attachment to the money and food we currently have.

Too much of either spins us into a fury of madness, too little of either wreaks havoc on our survival instincts causing emotional chaos.

Allowing money and food to be the drivers for our happiness and well-being creates unease and uncertainty in the body – when we rely on food and money for our happiness and well-being – it’s inevitable we will hit emotional barriers and blocks when we are striving or starved from either.

Let’s talk food.

It is – without a doubt, the world’s most acceptable drug – we hoard, abuse and restrict it when we are feeling unease within the body. This unease is emotionally overbearing and the overwhelm causes us to fixate on the one thing we know will create a bio-physical change instantaneously – food.

We rest assure, as soon as we binge on that triple layer chocolate late, we are destined to feel different, momentarily liberated from the hold of the anxiety.

And we are right for a split second.

Until we are riddled with shame and guilt wondering what perpetuated those behaviours.

Reality therapy is not dead. We throw money away to a) feel better about ourselves or b) as a reminder we don’t deserve to have it. Both examples of our negative emotional attachment to money.

In conversation, we notice our heart beats a little faster, our mind races, a flash of our bank balance is present and all of a sudden we are in a completely altered state. Without moving an inch we, though our minds have the ability to create this panic from within.

From my experience, the most common thread there is the theme of ‘fear of future deprivation’ we fear there won’t be ‘enough’ in the future, therefore, overconsumption in the present is the default. Fear of future deprivation is rooted in the mentality of lack. The deep rooted fear your basic needs won’t be met.

These beliefs (which to our credit, are inmate within us – hello feast and famine) create emotions and feelings within us, these emotions and feelings are then acted out in our behaviours, these behaviours are based on survival, which today – is not useful, nor indicative of what is actually happening in our world.

Adapting an abundance mindset with food and money will allow you to quiet the scarcity trigger which will propel us into overusing and abusing money and food.

You have enough
You are enough
There will always be enough.

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  • Lucile
    Posted at 5:50 pm, Reply

    Namaste! So true…

  • Joy
    Posted at 4:02 am, Reply

    Yes I also have the fear of future deprivation, I might not have enough. 🙁 That is why I binge eat. But after reading this I always tell myself “You have enough. You are enough. There will always be enough.” Thank you Sam!

  • Brenda
    Posted at 4:19 am, Reply

    Get rid of that fear of future deprivation, you will always have enough. I learned this the hard way. But I am thankful that I got to read this blog.

  • Ivy P
    Posted at 4:12 am, Reply

    Adapting an abundance mindset with food and money will allow you to quiet the scarcity trigger which will propel us into overusing and abusing money and food. Soo true Sam. We always have enough. 🙂 and I am enough

  • Kara
    Posted at 4:10 am, Reply

    Do not fear that your basic needs won’t be met. You will always have enough. 🙂

  • Carleslie
    Posted at 3:48 am, Reply

    Money is not bad or good, it depends on how you use it. 🙂 Just keep in mind that you always have enough.

  • Juvie
    Posted at 3:04 am, Reply

    Your needs are always met, it’s your want’s that you are always looking for.

  • Olivia
    Posted at 5:41 am, Reply

    It is true that the fear of future deprivation is a big problem with most of us.

  • Luisa
    Posted at 4:32 am, Reply

    Don’t let money and food be the drivers for our happiness and well-being.

  • Abigail
    Posted at 2:34 am, Reply

    Great stuff here ladies. 🙂

    Posted at 5:29 am, Reply

    “Reality therapy is not dead.” This is a spectacular find. Well-written. Realizations will flow right through you!! 😀

    Posted at 2:37 am, Reply

    We should always think that we have enough to avoid overdoing something. You never fail to talk about the truth, Sam 🙂

    Posted at 3:36 pm, Reply

    I should always put to mind that I already have a lot. this way of thinking will definitely skyrocket me thru realizing that I don’t lack anything anymore which would not make me overuse money or overeat. 🙂

  • MILA
    Posted at 2:05 pm, Reply

    I will never feel the fear of not having enough. I should always think that I have enough for me to be able to refrain from overeating or overdoing something. 🙂

    Posted at 6:58 pm, Reply

    “We rest assure, as soon as we binge on that triple layer chocolate late, we are destined to feel different, momentarily liberated from the hold of the anxiety.” – It’s just as a temporary feeling, just to cover up the anxiety. It needs to be overcome.

    Posted at 8:41 pm, Reply

    I have enough! I should tell myself everyday!! Positive vibes everyday. 🙂

  • DORY
    Posted at 4:15 am, Reply

    “fear of future deprivation” – This has always been the case. But I know I can do it and be fearless about this. 🙂

  • LARA
    Posted at 11:47 pm, Reply

    I have the best people surrounding me. That includes my colleagues, friends, and family. I have my own apartment which I pay rent on my own. I have a great job. I have enough. I am full. 🙂

  • KIM
    Posted at 12:06 am, Reply

    These 2 are always intertwined but we need to always think that we have enough to avoid overeating and what not.

  • MAYA
    Posted at 10:59 pm, Reply

    Love yourself. Nobody will do it like you will 🙂

  • NINA
    Posted at 11:42 pm, Reply

    These 2 are always intertwined. You need to know yourself better for you to be able to never destroy it. Once you fully accept yourself, you will not do something that can harm it.

    Posted at 11:01 pm, Reply

    Who are we kidding? They are always intertwined. We just have to know our worth and love ourselves more for us not to engage our bodies to different types of wrong practices.

  • jennifer
    Posted at 9:01 pm, Reply

    Yes you’re right! Interesting that I LEARNED this working with Sam over the last 4 months without ever seeing this blog. This ” crazy truth” when discovered can take one back to the beliefs we sometimes spend 20 years and a whole lotta money on dieting trying to find. Hungry for Happiness aka Maps to Treasure Island by Samantha Skelly.

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