Binge Eating Recovery

The first step to binge eating recovery is to know how to stop food addiction and binge eating habits. Below are five tips that are essential to finally overcoming the battle with food and your body.


#1 – Acceptance


We are ninjas at running away from our problems. It’s likely that you don’t want to admit when you have something going on in your life, but acceptance creates traction for transformation. You don’t need to love the position you’re in, you just need to acknowledge that position. Ask yourself:


“Where am I at right now?”


“Can I accept it?”


“If not, what do I need to do to truly accept where I am right now?”


#2 – Be Honest


Be honest with where you’re at. We are so good at lying to ourselves. So many of my clients tell me, “I just love food!” And I get it, I love food too! BUT, be real with yourself and ask if your intention behind eating is because you’re trying to numb your emotions, or do you really just love the pleasure of food in that moment?


You need to be honest with yourself to truly accept where you’re at so that you can enact transformation.


#3 – It Has Nothing to Do with Food


Binge eating has NOTHING to do with food. It is an emotional issue, and it needs to be healed through an emotional solution. Fad diets and over-exercising are just putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.


In order to truly end your struggle with food, you need to dig deep and discover why you’re using food as a drug in the first place. What pain are you trying to numb? What wounds do you need to heal?


#4 – Slow the Heck Down


We live in a world where we’re constantly hustling. What you really need, especially to recover from binge eating, is to just slow the heck down.


When you slow down and ground yourself in the moment, it becomes easier to decipher the difference between an emotional hunger cue vs. a physical hunger cue. You’ll become better at connecting with your body, and you’ll learn the difference between a visceral yes vs. a visceral no.


Your body is constantly trying to speak to you and give you wisdom. You just need to slow down to access to it.


#5 – Connection


Connecting into your body–mind and body, head and heart–is key to binge eating recovery. We spend a majority of our time all up in our head and living from a place of logic when we should be living from a place of feeling.


You cannot think your way out of binge eating. You need to connect deeper into your body, and feel in order to heal. You need to sit with the pain in your body instead of trying to numb it with food.


Pain is actually there for a reason. It’s trying to teach you something.


Bonus Tip – Movement


Movement was instrumental in helping me overcome my struggle with food and my body. It helped me get into my body and process the sticky feelings I so often wanted to suppress with food.


Move your body in a way that feels good to you. Don’t overthink it. Don’t spend hours on pinterest looking for the perfect workout or yoga sequence, just move.


Your body knows how to connect once you allow yourself to get out of your mind and just be.


I know these tips will help you recover from binge eating, but only if you’re not sabotaging yourself. There is one thing that you may still be doing wrong that’s holding you back from true recovery: dieting.




Binge eating is a result of food restriction and deprivation.


The more we diet, the more we binge.


Stop dieting and focus on the tips above to make food and body image issues a thing of the past.


Have you been trying to end binge eating while dieting? Comment below to share your thoughts and experience with me.

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