How to Stop Hating Your Body

We are constantly at war with our bodies. Back in my diet depression days, I would be shaming and hating on my body like it was my job.


But the thing that I learned is that we can’t shame our way to happiness and health.


It’s time to stop the body hating madness and learn how to accept and love your body for the beautiful vessel that it is. Below are my top three tips to help you do just that.


Connection is key to ending body hate.


We live our lives totally disconnected, our head from our heart and our mind from our body. Sometimes it’s like we forget we even have a body until we decide we hate it.


Connection between mind and body is important because it will help you learn how to integrate into your body. I know that if you spent most of your life at war with your body, the thought of feeling into it can be scary, but this is a necessary step in healing your relationship with your body.


If you’re feeling super disconnected from your body, it’s because you do not accept what your body is telling you on a daily basis. You must get to a place where you feel so connected to your body that it makes decisions for you. Decisions like what to eat, what to do, etc.


Actually listen to your body. Pay attention to the intuitive feelings in your body, and then honor those communications by doing what your body says.  


Your intuition is your second brain. It provides so much information for you on a daily basis. For me personally, I actually trust my intuition more than my brain, because my brain–our friend the ego–is usually ranting and raving all sorts of nonsense, while the intuition is a higher and purer frequency that has never failed me.


So what does your intuition feel like? It’s usually that gut feeling that you get about a particular situation, person, or experience. It’s a very visceral yes or no that always has your best interest at heart.

Compassion for your body can change your life. This is a monumental trait when it comes to overcoming your battle with food and your body.


Really stop and think about it for a minute…


Body shaming and hating your body makes no sense. It wasn’t your body that binged on a whole bag of chips. It was your mind that caved in to that craving. It’s your mind that sends you into a food obsession, niggling at you all day long with, “I need to have this or that food thing.”


At the end of the day, your body is just responding to the demands of your mind. Binge eating is not your body’s fault – it’s an emotional problem, not a physical one.


And, because I love you so much, here’s a bonus tip to help you stop hating your body…


Use your breath.


Breath is the most underused tool that we have for ending our battle with food and our body. And the beautiful thing is that we always have access to this tool to help us instantly relax and create a state change, which is often what we’re craving when we binge.


The more you use your breath, the more you will really get into your body and feel into the sensations that you need to acknowledge and heal.


To watch the video version of How to Stop Hating Your Body, click here. And make sure to stay tuned until the end so you can learn one of my favorite ninja strategies to help me connect and shift body hate to body love.


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