End the Battle with Sugar

Sugar is a super addictive substance that can trigger us into overconsuming food. This is an issue that so many people in my community struggle with, and I totally feel you, because I used to be addicted to sugar too.


To help you end your battle with sugar, let’s start with some info and behaviors to help you break your addiction.


#1: Sugar = Dopamine


When you consume sugar, your body releases dopamine, the feel good, happy chemical. This instant “high” perpetuates your addiction to sugar. The feeling is no different than the one felt by someone who would turn to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. Sugar is like a drug. Your body gets addicted to it and hijacks your brain, craving more and more sugar.  


It’s so difficult to quit sugar is because you are fighting against your body’s natural impulse to want it. But when you stop eating sugar, your body stops craving it. The hard part is untangling the pattern of behaviors and underlying emotional issues that have you turning to sugar to feel good in the first place.


#2: Choose Naturally Sweet Foods


Instead of reaching for candy, ice cream, or some other sugar laden food, go for a naturally sweet option. Raspberries, pears, bananas, apples, etc. These naturally sweet foods do not cause addictive behaviors and cravings. Plus, they’re good for you! The more you get into the habit of answering your sugar cravings with naturally sweet food, the more you will embody that habit and your sugar cravings will decrease.


Also, make sure that as you are weaning yourself from sugar, you are constantly drinking lots of water. This will help you flush the remaining sugar from your body. Remember, you’re actually going through a type of withdrawal, and your body misses something it normally gets, so you’ll probably experience headaches and be crankier than usual.


#3 – Get A Lot of Sleep

Quality sleep is important when it comes to breaking your sugar addiction. When you’re tired, you tend to consume sugar to feel more awake and energetic, although those feelings are usually fleeting. Not to mention, you make better food decisions when you are well rested.


Remember: It’s Not About the Food


Sugar addiction (and food addiction in general) has nothing to do with food. It is an emotionally driven issue. When you’re on the verge of wanting to eat sugar, and lots of it, take a breath, get really present, and ask yourself, “What am I actually hungry for?”


And then listen to your body. Are you lonely? Anxious? Scared? Depressed? From there, you have an opportunity to self-soothe, which means you are not dependent on anything external to respond to whatever you are feeling. The more you do this, the more you will strengthen your connection to your body, and the less you will crave sugar.


Ninja Trick for Breaking Your Sugar Addiction


I found really helpful when it came to breaking my sugar addiction…


When you get a sugar craving, stop and ask yourself, “How am I going to feel after I eat this?”


If you ate an entire bag of M&Ms, you would probably wind up feeling lethargic, like you’re in a brain frog, or maybe even gross and uncomfortable. When you think about that, those M&Ms probably seem less appealing, am I right?


This method can really help you be proactive in avoiding sugar. The more awareness you have around how you feel after consuming sugar, you’ll realize the costs are way too high and the benefits are way too low.


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