Binge Eating Help: How to Stop Obsessing Over Food

I know the battle with food and your body is confusing and overwhelming. A big part of that battle is constantly obsessing over food. Calories in, calories out…good food vs bad foods…researching recipes, meal planning, and meal prepping.


It’s a lot.


So I’m gonna make it easy for you. Here are my top two tips on how to finally stop obsessing over food.


#1: Be Honest with Where You Are At


You cannot keep lying to yourself about where you’re at and expect to get better. Fully own your struggle. Get clear on how bad it is. Get real about how much it affects your life.


How much is this struggle costing you?


When you can get real about that answer, you will have more of a driving force to make a genuine and lasting change. Denial is not doing you any favors. No more, “It’s not a big deal,” or “I’ll start my diet next week.” Just fully admit to yourself where you are and accept that as your starting point.


When you admit to where you are right now – don’t judge yourself. Have self-compassion, and if you can, self-love. Self-violence through dieting and over-exercising is not the way to fix this. Shame, guilt, and negative self-talk…none of those are going to heal your relationship to food and your body.


You can’t heal what you hate. You need to come at this from a place of love and compassion.


And if the truth is that you hate your body, that’s okay, don’t pretend you love it. Fake body positivity is not doing you any favors. Think about it – if you spent 25 years hating your body, you can’t suddenly flip a switch and love it. But you can be in the process of learning to love your body.  


The key here is having an intention of where you want to go. Get clear on where you’re at and where you’re going.


#2: It’s Not About the Food


Binge eating is NOT about the food.


It’s an emotional issue. There is some kind of painful emotion that is driving you to use food as a drug to suppress those sticky feelings and numb out. It has nothing to do with loving pizza, or craving a pint of ice cream every night. It’s all emotional.


Once you really, truly accept this, you can begin to uncover the underlying causes and pain of your disordered eating. From there, you can heal that pain, and eventually the food stuff will work itself out.


It’s when you disconnect from feeling, that you get caught in the binge/restrict cycle o’ doom.


If you’re anything like I was back in the height of my battle, you’re still doing something that is blocking your progress and real change. The number one thing you’re still doing wrong is…


You’re still dieting.


Remember, overeating is a natural, physical reaction to deprivation and restriction. When you tell yourself you can never eat a cheeseburger or candy ever again, your mind automatically starts obsessing over all the foods you can’t have.


Get rid of the diet, get rid of the scale, and learn how to listen to your body when it comes to using food for health and hunger. The bottom line is that your intuition and body know what is best for you. It’s time to learn how to listen to them and understand what they need.


To watch the video version of How to Stop Obsessing Over Food, click here.


All love,



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