You Need to Decide That You Are Worthy

The feeling of unworthiness is something that affects so many people. For a majority of those who struggle with food and body, once they dig deep to figure out the root cause of their fight – it’s unworthiness. This makes me sad, because the truth is that you are worthy just because. I know this concept isn’t always easy to grasp, I mean, I struggled with it myself for YEARS.



So to help you begin to shift from unworthiness to feeling and knowing that you ARE worthy, I want you to keep these little truth bombs in mind:


  • You decide your worth. It is a choice YOU make. No one else can decide your worth or lack thereof for you.


  • We are quick to externalize our worth. We try to seek that feeling through others, but the truth is that your worth stems from inside of you.


  • You can train your mind to work with you when it comes to worth. Just like it’s quick to gather evidence of why you’re unworthy, it can help you gather evidence of why you ARE worthy – you just need to tell it to do so.


  • You need to commit to your worth. This means building awareness around self-talk and how you are constantly thinking and feeling about yourself. It takes time to break old patterns and move into a new belief, but it CAN be done. You just need to commit.


  • You are worthy just because. It is your natural state, but somewhere along the line, you picked up false stories (from your environment and those around you) that turned into evidence of why you are not worthy. Start to question these beliefs and release them so that you can work on feeling into your innate worthiness.


Next time your worthiness wound is triggered or you find yourself self-sabotaging, stop and ask yourself:



“What is getting in the way of me experiencing worthiness right now?”


Once you have awareness around the root of your unworthiness, you can work on releasing those blocks. From there, you can shift into a worthiness mindset and really feel into your natural state of worth and well-being.

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