Stop Giving Away Your Power

The personal development industry really grinds my gears. They’ve created this ridiculous dependency model, where they’re perpetuating the idea that you need someone else to make you feel whole and happy. Raise your hand if you’ve bought into the idea that you need a spiritual teacher, guru, or life coach to make you feel different and help you transform.


It’s such BS!


And why I’m on a mission to completely disintegrate the dependency model. I want to help people understand that the only healer is their own body.



Your body has all the answers. Your body knows exactly what to do to allow you to clear any emotionality that is stuck in your system and uncover the truth of who you are.


Sure, you can pay someone tons of money, but if they’re not teaching you that YOU’RE the one with the power and YOU’RE the one who gets to heal yourself through your body, then they are completely missing the point of personal growth and transformation.


It’s not about dependency. You don’t actually need anything or anyone to feel better.


You just need to show up for yourself…

Connect with your body…

Feel into your intuition…

And feel into your pain…


This is how you can figure out what is out of alignment in your life. Allow your body the time and space to give you the answers you seek and heal what needs to be healed in your system.



As someone who works in this industry and genuinely wants to help people, I do believe that there is value in guides, facilitators, and coaches. However, they’re not the one with the answers – you are.


It’s within you.


Everything that you’re looking for, everything that you want to feel – YOU have the ability to do that. When you work with someone else, they are just creating the space to facilitate the exploration of what you need to heal to reach transformation.

At the end of the day, you are the one who has the power to heal yourself and truly change. You have the power to be whoever you want to be. It’s time to stop giving away your power, rise up, and design the life of your dreams.


To watch a video I created on this topic, click here:


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