It’s Time to Disintegrate the Dependency Model

In case you’re unfamiliar with what the dependency model is – it’s the concept that you need something or someone outside of yourself to heal or transform. The self-help industry (I’m lookin’ at you, weight loss and personal development) is great at making you subscribe to the dependency model without even realizing it.


Think of all the gurus out there…all the big names that keep churning out books, products, and services for you to continually purchase. You’re constantly bombarded with marketing focused on insane standards that are impossible to live up to as well as, “Use this, this, and that (for only $500 or your first born child) to ‘fix’ yourself…at least until our next product comes out…” type of messages.



Meanwhile you get caught in the vicious cycle of over-consuming loads of information without any idea or instruction on how to actually integrate it into your daily life so that you can experience REAL change.


That’s why now–more than ever–I am so freakin determined to help you realize that ONLY YOU can empower yourself to step up and transform. Influencers like me – we can only inspire you to want to do this for yourself. I can inspire you and give you some kick ass tools to help you get to where you want to be, but you are the only one who can travel the path of transformation for yourself, jafeeeeeeel me?!


You are the healer.


You are the activator.



It all starts with being honest with where you’re at. Own your truth without judgment. From there, commit to the change you want to make. Figure out a soul shaking WHY that will keep you motivated and inspired, even when the days are shit and you want to throw in the towel. From there, do the work. Integrate all the lil drops of wisdom and tools that resonate with you.


You are strong AF. You can achieve epic transformation, but only YOU can achieve that for YOURSELF.

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