Got Emotional Garbage?

Don’t deny it, my love, we’ve ALL got emotional garbage. Even as you read this, you are holding onto emotion that isn’t serving you at the highest level. This emotional garbage is made up of archaic and conditioned stories, identities, fears, and doubts that you have subconsciously absorbed over the course of your life, like, since you were freakin’ born. Crazy, am I right?!


It’s called the human condition. And it’s something that each and every one of us experience.


The cool thing about emotional garbage though? YOU have the power to release it. You just need to cultivate the awareness needed to shift from this conditioning, transcend, and release all the emotional gunk that isn’t serving you.



The challenge with releasing emotional garbage is that most of us are so addicted to our judgements and identities. Once you have the awareness to observe all of this, it can be confusing to figure out what is yours and what is something you picked up along the way.


The trick to doing this is inquiry. You just need to reflect and dig into the emotional garbage that is weighing you down. Is that belief you’re clinging to yours? Or is it a judgement that belongs to your mother? That identity you think you embody, is it really yours? Or did you pick it up somewhere along the way?


Always remember: you are a creator, but you are also a destroyer. And this is a beautiful thing, because you get to destroy everything you are holding onto that isn’t innately yours.


It’s time to take out the emotional garbage, so that you can rise up, claim your real identity and beliefs, and feel more aligned than ever before.


P.S. An awesome way to help you sift through your emotional garbage is by establishing a strong connection with yourself, your body, and your soul. Meditation is the best way to do this. Check out our 21 day meditation series to help you get your zen on and  feel aligned AF.


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