How to Stand Out as a Wellness Coach

So here’s the truth about the coaching industry – you can throw a rock at hit a wellness coach (not that I’ve actually done that…). This is why it’s so dang important to really stand out as a coach.


Your history probably looks a little something like this: you got certified, had a logo designed, created and launched a bomb AF website. You even started to dip your toes into internet marketing and alll the social media. But…crickets.


I feel you, my love. I WAS you…



I was a personal trainer for seven years. I churned out meal plans and exercise routines for my clients like it was my job…cause it was 😉 But my biz was like a revolving door of on again, off again clients. It was so freakin frustrating, and I knew that I needed to do something different to really stand out and see sustainable success with my clients.


It took awhile, but the revelation came, and it was a big one: in order to REALLY offer life-changing value to my clients, in order to be an amazing, impactful coach who stood out from all the rest, I needed to coach on emotions.


If you want to help your clients see real, lasting transformation, then you need to serve them at the deepest level. It can’t just be about behavioral change. The struggle with food, body, and self goes soooo much deeper.


You need to help your clients address the CORE issue that fuels their struggle. You need to help them connect back into their bodies. You need to treat wellness from the inside out. Bottom line: your clients need to FEEL in order to heal.



I keep saying the health & wellness industry needs a radical paradigm shift, and this is how we’re gonna get there, and you’re gonna stand out as a transformational and innovative coach along the way.

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