Are You Seeking Transformation?

If you’re anything like me, you’re kind of obsessed with personal development. You’re always looking to the future, aspiring to be your best self, and have awesome dreams that you want to bring to life. But…(and you knew there was a but here, right?) there’s a trick to transformation that a lot of people aren’t talking about…


You gotta stop being an asshole to yourself.


You can’t force transformation. You can’t hustle for your worth 24/7 and expect to actually be happy and inspired. You need to stop consuming all things personal development like a junkie (like I said – I know this struggle haha). And here’s a biggie:



You need to stop thinking you’re “bad” or “a failure” when your plan didn’t go the way you thought it would or wanted it to.


You can’t hate and hustle your way to transformation.


Transformation happens at the intersection of pain and love. That divine point where you’re feeling emotional pain and you choose to LOVE yourself through it rather than numb out or disconnect (saaay with binge eating??).


REAL transformation is about leaning into the pain and asking yourself these two powerful questions:


  • How can I love you more?
  • What do you most need right now?



Then slow down and take the time and space to feel into the answer. Your body will give it to you, you just need to be still, listen, and connect with yourself at a deeper level.


All that “self-love” and “work” that leads to transformation? It isn’t always bubble baths and meditation. Sometimes it’s allowing yourself to have a breakdown and loving yourself through it.


Love will always be the greatest catalyst to personal transformation.

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