Inspire Others to Empower Themselves

I’m not one for the whole “I need a guru to fix me” concept. In my opinion, we are most valuable as coaches and influencers when we inspire others to empower themselves.


This concept is the reason why I can’t stand the weight loss and personal development industries – they prey off of the insecurities and pain of people, promising them quick fixes, as long as they consistently purchase new programs, products, workshops, etc.


It’s a vicious cycle that is reminiscent of the diet/binge cycle o’ doom.



If you want to be a heart-centered healer who truly inspires REAL, lasting transformation in your clients, then you need to coach them to a place of personal responsibility and accountability for their journey.


Sure – you can help them along the way and inspire them, but the real gift you can give your clients is showing them that THEY are the only ones who can enact transformation within themselves.


That is how you are going to inspire real change and help heal the world, one person at a time.


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