How to Help Clients Enjoy Change

When working with clients, it can be a challenge to get them to accept, let alone enjoy, change, especially when it comes to health and wellness behaviors. But it is possible to help them not only see real progress but enjoy it!


First, acknowledge that your clients are likely coming from a place of feeling unworthy and broken, thanks to the weight loss industry. They probably have the mindset that they need to be “fixed.”



You get to help them shift this perspective to one of: “I am in the process of making these changes because I love myself and I want to be healthy and feel good.”


Help your clients realize that this work, and transformation in general, is not done through restriction, deprivation, and exercise as punishment. Those beliefs and behaviors are founded in fear, and are usually accompanied by a why of seeing a specific number on the scale.


Working from that place makes change fleeting and unsustainable.


Instead, help your clients understand that their why should go much deeper. It should be founded in love, because that is how their motivation will endure during the tough days.



Help them pinpoint a deep, emotional why, one that is more about feeling good and loving themselves than the number on the scale.


When their journey is motivated by love, clients are way more likely to actually enjoy the work and see epic transformation sooner than anticipated.

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