The Importance of Inner Child Work

One of the most profound methods when it comes to healing and transformation is inner child work. Not only have I experienced its magic firsthand, I’ve also witnessed it’s transformational effects on my clients over the years.


Although you may not realize it, so many of your current beliefs, patterns, and behaviors stem from trying to fill a need for your inner child, or as a result of an experience of your inner child. Most of the time, you’re trying to meet the needs of your inner child through external things, like money, relationships, career, etc.



The cool thing about inner child work is that it will help you understand your triggers and needs. You get to parent your inner child in the way that you didn’t receive growing up. The way that you always wanted and needed. YOU get to heal your own parental wounds, and doing so can change your life.


In times of stress, overwhelm, fear, and doubt, you get to acknowledge that you’re “in the shit” and then love your inner child and yourself through it. Be present with your inner child, especially in times of pain and discomfort. Ask her what she needs. It may be words of love and kindness, it may be an impromptu dance party – just open that connection and give your inner child an identity. Develop a relationship with her and explore the deep-seated wounds and needs that will get you closer to true healing and lasting transformation.


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