Ditch Analysis Paralysis

I know a lot of coaches and entrepreneurs who get so tripped up by all the little details that go into building a business. Thinking that you can’t take any action or make any progress until you have a super detailed plan and “you’re a pro” and know how everything is going to turn out is not only doing you a disservice, it’s an excuse based on your fear of failure and/or being seen.



Stop letting analysis paralysis hold you back from making a move in your business.


Of course you need a business plan, but don’t get so wrapped up in the minutia that you let it block you from progress. Take daily micro steps to build your business and community. Connect with your why and mission on a deeper level to get you through the tough days.


When you’re feeling blocked or overwhelmed, ask yourself, “How can I provide value to my community right now?”


No matter how small, just take action, and smash through that analysis paralysis like the rockstar entrepreneur that you are!


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