How to Add More Value to Your Coaching

In order to be a top notch wellness coach who provides a lot of value to your clients, you need to expand your toolbox beyond the standard food, exercise, supplements, etc. schtick. Having the skill set and confidence to dig waaay deeper with your clients, especially when it comes to working on emotions and belief systems, will take your business to new heights. As a coach, it’s important to provide the following:



  • – Trust – You want to create a warm, genuine connection with your clients. Really get to know them and their life experience. Be sure to jam on their beliefs, fears, dreams, and goals. One of the most important things to provide as a coach is a safe space in which your clients feel truly seen and heard.


  • – Empowerment – Help your clients understand that everything is happening for them, not to them. There is a lesson in every experience, especially the challenges. Coach them through victim mentality, which is a common coping strategy for so many people who are struggling. Be the type of coach that empowers your clients to transform themselves instead of always relying on something external (like a guru or program) to see sustainable change.


  • – Emotionality – “Fixing” your clients’ diet and exercise routines isn’t going to fix them for the long term. Provide the type of coaching that goes way deeper than surface level struggles. Your clients’ behaviors and patterns stem from deep-seated beliefs and emotional pain that need to be acknowledged, worked through, and healed. So many people are completely disconnected from their emotions and bodies, so really work with your clients to help them FEEL into their pain. Remember – we need to feel in order to heal, and until your clients trust that they can feel the “bad” stuff and come out on the other side of it okay, they will likely resist this type of work.



Sadly, there are a ton of wellness coaches out there who just focus on the superficial, external stuff and hand out “quick fixes” like bandaids for bullet wounds. To make yourself 10x more valuable than those coaches, you need to dig into the “hard, sticky” emotional stuff. Only in healing those types of wounds will clients see REAL, lasting change.

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