How to Build Your Community

In order to have a successful coaching business, you need to have an audience. And if a majority of your community is made up of your ideal client – even better! Here are some tips on how to get started on building your community:


Craft your mission & your message: What is your why? What is the driving force for building your business? Who do you want to help? What do you want to help them with? What makes you qualified in doing so? These are the types of questions that your community will want to know. These are the questions that will help you create some of your initial content to help you connect to your ideal clients.



Make social media your friend: Once you’re straight on your mission and message – it’s time to share it! I know this can be scary AF, especially if you’re not a natural social media queen, but this is key in building up your audience. You need to put yourself out there. Start sharing your story and experience. You don’t have to unload it all in one go, share dribs and drabs to keep your followers coming back for more. And be HONEST – it’s your honesty and truth that will resonate with your ideal clients. So don’t act how you think you should, act as you are.


Create free value: I know it can be hard to NOT focus on raking in those dolla bills at first, but a great way to attract initial followers is through free value. Create a guide, a free webinar or course, or host a live lecture or workshop. The goal is to create content that followers and potential followers will find helpful, and that can potentially convert them to warm leads or clients.



There are so many other ways you can build and engage with your community. I suggest you do some research on the most common strategies, and then sit down and brainstorm on which methods feel the most aligned for you, and go from there. When in doubt – follow your intuition, and don’t let your fear of being seen and heard hold you back. Your light is going to illuminate the darkness for so many people who need your help, so get to work <3

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