How Are You Playing the Game?

Something that I’ve come to learn over the years is that life can either be hard or easy. It can be dark or light, or all of those things at once. Ultimately, the choice is yours. So…how are you playing the game of life?


I know the idea of you actually having a choice over everything in life seems absurd, but you 100% have a choice in how you react to everything. You decide on your attitude and perception. You get to choose your reality based on what you decide to put your time, love, and energy into.



Are you operating from a place of fear, struggle, and frustration? Or are you operating from a place of love, abundance, joy, and ease? It’s totally possible to experience both – that’s the ebb and flow of life. You’re never going to be happy 100% of the time, or sad 100% of the time.


YOU get to choose how you’re playing the game of life.


If your game has been focused on difficulty and suffering, shift to a game of happiness, ease, surrender, and trust. You can make that change. Don’t attach yourself to narratives or beliefs that aren’t serving you – that’s just another way to be addicted to the struggle. Instead, decide how you want to play the game, and play.



You only get to live this life in this body once, so you might as well have the best possible experience, right?

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