Don’t Just Focus on the Pain

When we coach our clients, especially new clients, it can be easy to get wrapped up in focusing on past pain and experiences. But to truly help your clients heal and move on, they need to not only be present but also look to the future. It’s so imperative to help your clients feel into the possibilities of their dream life. Some great practices to help them align with what they want are:



– Vision boarding: Have your client create a vision board of everything they want to call into their life. Nothing is off limits. If something resonates with them and makes them feel joy and excitement, it should go on their vision board. They can craft a vision board the old fashioned way, by clipping photos out of magazines, or they can create a digital vision board via Pinterest or an app (I love the Hay House Vision Board app, which is free).


– Letter writing: Assign your client to write a letter from their future self. Six months down the road is where I usually like to focus, but maybe your client would prefer connecting with themself a year out. Have them write about the things they’ve accomplished since the time in between, how it felt, and what they’re looking forward to next.


– Connect the visceral to the vision: Have your client do a meditation to connect with what they want on a visceral level. They should visualize their goal, as detailed as possible, and focus on how they FEEL experiencing it. This will help them align their energy with the energy of their desire to call it into their life.


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