The Importance of Community

When we struggle–especially with food and body–it’s natural to want to retreat from others and hide yourself and your pain away. The truth, however, is that connection and community are so important when it comes to overcoming the struggle and transforming.


Humans are social creatures, to the extent that way back in the tribal days, if we failed to connect with others and were without a tribe, we would die. Connection and community are a necessity, just like food and shelter.



No matter what your struggle looks like, despite your perceived “flaws,” and despite the shame and guilt that may be keeping you lonely and unhappy, allow yourself to be vulnerable and seek support and connection with others. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It’s when you stop hiding in the dark, and expose your struggle and pain to the light that they stop having so much power over you.


Through my work, both personal and professional, I’ve seen first hand how a safe and supportive community can make all difference in the world when it comes to healing and transformation. So look for local support groups, or engage with trusted friends or relatives. Turn to online communities that focus on what you’re struggling with, or just your personal interests in general.



It can be scary putting yourself out there, especially when you’re struggling, but I promise you that on the other side of getting outside of your comfort zone, you will feel epic empowerment and growth. One of the most beautiful things in life is when we realize we are not alone, especially with our pain.

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