Take Responsibility for Your Own Transformation

When it comes to recovering from disordered eating and body image issues, personal responsibility is SO important. When we are struggling or unhappy, we usually default to victim mentality. Victim mentality is when you believe that the world is against you or everyone's out to get you, or nothing ever goes your way. Basically it’s when you blame the shit in your life on everything and everyone but you.  


The hard truth is that your external world is a reflection of your internal world. It’s a reflection of how you are showing up and the standards you set for yourself. This is why you need to take responsibility for your own transformation.  


Personal responsibility = empowerment.



I know that taking full responsibility for your experience can seem like a burden at first, but there’s a real sense of empowerment that comes along with personal responsibility. Just think of it like this – when you own your experience, you get to decide how you’re going to show up in life.


Owning your circumstances will help you figure out what needs to be addressed in your life.


Did you know that your body actually metabolizes the world around you? Your thoughts are literally like a blueprint on your system. This is why if something is wrong or needs to be addressed, you will feel unhappy or stuck. Your body is trying to communicate that something in your world is out of alignment with your highest self.


Only you can enact real change in your life.



This is something I say a lot, because it’s true: suffering is a choice. Anything that is causing you pain or discomfort comes down to choices – little micro-decisions that you make throughout the day. Like when you choose to eat a whole pizza instead of making a light, fresh dinner. When you choose to hit snooze every morning instead of hitting the gym. Taking responsibility for your own transformation means making a commitment to stepping out of victim mentality and making the choice to end your own struggle.


At the end of the day, taking responsibility for your life is an act of self-love. It’s a way for you to step up and say, “You know what? This isn’t working. I’m sick of being stuck, and I deserve to be happy. So I’m gonna do things differently.” It’s time to own your experience, step into empowerment, and realize that life is happening for you, not to you. Be the observer in your own life. Make the decision to let go of the things, people, beliefs, and behaviors that are no longer serving you, and take your first step toward epic and sustainable transformation.

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