What Causes Binge Eating?

If you struggle with binge eating, it’s likely that the number one cause of your issues with food comes down to this: you don’t know how to handle your body’s emotions. That’s right, it’s not about the food.


When you’re unable to process and work through emotions, you’re likely to just numb out with food to avoid feeling a certain way. When you don’t address the root cause of your feelings and why you’re using food as a drug, the “fix” is only temporary. This is why fad diets and food restriction don’t work. It’s like handing out a bandaid for a bullet wound.



You don’t need to fear your emotions, they are just information. Anger, sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm – these are feelings that you experience so that you know something is out of alignment in your life. They crop up because you need to heal something or change something. Your emotions are how your body communicates with you.


So get curious. WHY are you feeling sad? WHY are you feeling anxious? What is your body trying to tell you? Dig deeper to understand what is going on beneath the surface of these “bad” feelings.


And trust that you can handle your emotions, even the sticky ones. Allow yourself to feel the full range of the emotional spectrum – everything from fear and shame to happiness and pleasure. Don’t distract yourself or numb out with food, let yourself feel your emotionality, because remember:



You need to feel in order to heal.


Binge eating is rarely about the food. It all goes so much deeper, which is why quick fixes and fad diets fail 98% of the time. You need to address the REAL issue that is causing you to misuse food in the first place. You need to allow yourself to feel and experience your emotions, even the “bad” ones, so that you can move through them and process whatever your body is asking you to heal.

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