Shifting Beliefs Before Behaviors

The reason that fad diets fail 98% of the time is because they are like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. When you only focus on shifting external behaviors, like diet and exercise, you are not addressing the root issue of why your client struggles with disordered eating and body image in the first place.


In order to help your client truly transform and heal their relationship to food and body, you gotta dig waaay deeper than behaviors. You need to focus on shifting their beliefs first and foremost. One of the coaching tools I created to help with this is the BTFAR Method.



BTFAR stands for beliefs, thought, feelings, actions, and results. This is a way to reverse engineer the behavior of binge eating to help get to the root cause of it. This tool will help you and your client understand how they operate.


So if you know the end result is binge eating, how does your client get from point A to point B?


Belief: What is the underlying belief or story that is fueling their behavior?

Example: I’m not good enough.

Thought: What thought(s) stem from this belief?

Example: I will never be truly happy. No one loves me. I will always be alone. I’m a failure.

Feelings: How do these thoughts make them feel in the moment?

Example: Lonely, ashamed, sad, anxious, scared.

Actions: What action do they take to avoid feeling this way?

Example: Eat an entire pizza followed by ice cream to numb out.

Result: What is the end result?

Example: Binge eating followed by shame, guilt, disgust, etc.



The BTFAR Method will help you get to the driving belief that is causing your client to binge eat. The more they understand WHY they are enacting this behavior, the easier it will be for them to shift away from it and finally transform.

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