Work Your Affiliate Game

Growing a network of affiliates is a great way to up level your business and reach a wider audience. First, start to do some research (read: internet stalking) and find influencers and entrepreneurs who share your overall mission, or ones who’s mission and services align with your community. Connect with these influencers and begin to build a rapport.



When you have a better understanding of their mission, work, and audience, and you feel like they align with your brand, ask them if they would be interested in being an affiliate of yours. And if your business and services could be beneficial to their audience, then also float the idea of becoming an affiliate for them and their community.


From there, you can collaborate and work with each other’s audiences. This may look like doing an event together, hosting an online live lecture together. Perhaps they have a podcast you can be a guest on, or vice versa. You may want to swap email campaigns to expose each other to your mailing lists.


The point of having affiliates and being an affiliate is to collaborate to further your missions and provide the most value and opportunities for both of your client communities.


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