Why Self-Help Hurts

There are two big ole lies perpetuated by the self-help industry that really grind my gears. Know why? Because they are doing you, and so many others, a massive disservice. Here are the lies:


1) Happiness is contingent on “getting there,” aka destination addiction.


2) You can’t truly transform on your own, aka the dependency model.



We can get so caught up in destination addiction. I literally lived my life that way for years. Overconsuming all the self-help books, podcasts, etc., and believing that if I just found the “right” one, I would be “fixed” and truly happy. But I never saw real, sustainable change, because I was stuck in a constant rat race of hustling, and “getting there” was as elusive as ever. So, what did I do? What lots of people do, moved on to the newest self-help book and “quick fix.” (Cue facepalm.)


Which brings me to big ole lie #2 – that you need a guru to fix you. (Insert epic eyeroll here.) I write this with no judgement at all, because this is exactly what I used to believe! Here’s the truth: when you are constantly looking outside of yourself for guidance, healing, and transformation, you are giving away your power and disconnecting from your truth and divine inner knowing.


You are already “there.”



There is no magical destination at the end of your journey – the journey IS the destination. You are ever evolving, healing, and changing. Remember: everything you need to be fulfilled, happy, and live a life that lights you up is already inside of you. It always has been. You just need to allow yourself the time, space, and energy to explore it and align with your highest, best, and most authentic self. Practice listening to your intuition and really strengthen your mind/body/soul connection. That is how you will see real, lasting transformation.

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