Put Yourself Out There

One of the most challenging aspects of building a successful business is putting yourself out there. In fact, this is something so many people struggle with, whether or not they aspire to be a coach or entrepreneur. It’s this crazy paradox – the thing we want most is to be seen and heard, but the thing we fear most is putting ourselves out there to be seen and heard. However, if you want to be successful, you need to get comfortable with doing this.


Here are some ways that you can put yourself out there as a wellness coach (or aspiring wellness coach):



  • – Do weekly Facebook and/or Instagram lives. This is a great way to engage with and build your community. You can share your story, specific personal experiences, your mission, things you’ve learned along the way, your lifestyle – the list is endless!


  • – Guest blogging. Do some research into publications (either traditional or online) that align with your work. Maybe it’s an online magazine, maybe it’s a trendy blog, maybe it’s a Medium channel. Once you have some leads, write a few articles or article pitches on your area of expertise, and then pitch yourself!


  • – Host an in person workshop. You could do this through a local business or maybe someone in your network whose work aligns with yours. Come up with a workshop theme and materials that you can present to help advertise you and your business and connect with potential leads.


  • – Post more to social. Maybe you’re not quite ready for lives, but you can still commit to posting on your social channels a few times a week. Of course it’s important to work your mission and methods into your content, but also throw in some personality and lifestyle stuff to keep people entertained and invested in you as more than just a coach.


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