Are Diets & Body Hate Ruling Your Life?

Pills, shakes, laxatives, food rules and restriction, body hate…are these all too familiar to you? I know this world alllllllll too well. During my diet depression days, I would plot out my diet plans and rules with hefty goals and a deadline of when I HAD TO hit a certain goal weight. Are you reading this thinking, “Oh my god, this is totally  my life…”?


I get it. I really do. There was a time in my life when I literally thought that I would always struggle with food and body. It was like my own personal hell where it was challenging to go out to eat with friends, my weight was the first and last thought on my mind each day, and my body took a beating day in and day out.



And when you are in this type of food and body hell, you feel desperate to “fix” yourself, so you turn to the “experts” for guidance. Unfortunately the weight loss industry is prone to handing out bandaids for bullet wounds, and you never see real, lasting change using their latest fad diet.


All of this BS needs to change, and change fast. I want to live in a world where the idea of hating your body and struggling with food simply doesn't exist. I believe we can get there, I really do. Here’s what needs to change to make this a reality:


  • – We need to go deeper. We need to understand the root of why the world is overweight and overwhelmed, not mask the symptoms with fad diets.


  • – We need to completely change our relationship to exercise. We need to stop exercising from a place of self-hatred and instead do it from a place of love.


  • – We need to filter our decisions with our own judgment. It’s time to stop listening to the billion dollar marketing campaigns that promise the world and end up leaving us frustrated and feeling defeated.


  • – We need to approach this struggle from a place of love and compassion. Let weight loss be a RESULT of the work, not the focus, because when it’s the focus, you’re coming from a place of fear and self-hatred.



So, how do you even start to get to this place? With little micro decisions each and every day. With presence and awareness. Turn off auto pilot and start committing to getting to know yourself and learn your intention behind why you eat what you do, why you exercise, why you want to “lose weight.” Start with your intentions and beliefs, and the rest will fall into place.

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