Intuition: Every Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been in Bali the last couple of weeks, writing my book for Hay House (I mean…WHAT???). Bali is such a magical place, and for me personally, it’s been the backdrop for some of the biggest revelations, changes, and accomplishments in my life. It also has this way of amplifying my intuition, which is epic, because I’m convinced that intuition is every entrepreneur’s (or hell, person’s) secret weapon.


When you are in tune with your intuition, you become more clear than ever on what is out of alignment in your life. Your inner knowing is almost like a sweet old friend giving you the most divine life advice. It’s the kind of knowledge that you know is meant for you, that you know is given to guide, protect, and let you see things as they are, not how you wish they were.



Listening to, let alone following, your intuition is nearly impossible when you’re in your head, you’re living in fear, you’re attached to the outcome, or you’re worried about living in uncertainty.


However, intuitive decision making is easy when: you slow down and listen, you operate from trust and abundance, you’re okay with not having it all figured out, and you surrender your mind to the wisdom of your body.


In my own experience, the greatest blessings and opportunities have come from not knowing the answers but taking inspired action anyway (and I do this based on the expansion I feel in my body). So ask yourself: what are you holding back on or avoiding because of fear? What are you holding onto because of fear? If you took fear out of the equation altogether, and only lived your life from what FEELS right vs. what logically makes sense, how would your life look?


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