Conscious Coaching Hack: Visceral Intelligence

Alongside of intuition is another life-changing method that I love to teach clients, especially when it comes to the struggle with food and body – visceral intelligence. Visceral intelligence is the literal feeling in the body that correlates with a decision that’s to be made or an experience that’s unfolding. It’s how the body communicates, and the more it’s honed, the more your client can be in tune with whether something is a visceral no vs. a visceral yes.


Here’s how to teach your client visceral intelligence:



1) Have them ask their body a question. Start simple, with something they know the answer to, like: is my name (their name)? Do I have (their color eyes)?


2) The feeling of a visceral yes will be light and expansive. Maybe a fluttering in the chest or stomach, maybe full body chills or hair standing on end.


3) The feeling of a visceral no is heavy and constricted. It could be a sinking feeling in the stomach or a tightness in the chest.



Teach your clients to use visceral intelligence by grounding themselves in the present and checking in with their body before making a decision (like what to eat for dinner). In each moment, they should stop, ask, feel, and follow through. Their body will always guide them to what is best for them, it’s up to your clients to listen.

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