Building a Deeper Connection with Your Body

Here is a sad truth that I’ve come to realize through the work that I do: most people are completely disconnected from their bodies. This isn’t surprising, considering a whopping 80% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. I’ve had clients who avoid mirrors at all costs (whereas I used to stare at myself in mine and pick out every single flaw).


Raise your hand if you (or your clients) have ever felt more like a walking head than a full human.



It’s a sort of real life contradiction – you hate your body so you disconnect from it, yet the most important tool when it comes to healing and transformation? Your body. When you’re connected to your body, you can appreciate it for the amazing vessel that it is. Each and every day, literally every second of your life, your body is completing one involuntary biological feat and function after another, just to keep you healthy and alive!


It’s time to help people realize that their bodies aren’t the enemy. In fact, their bodies are the way to heal the issues that keep them unhappy. It’s time to teach people to become more aware of their bodies and intentional about how they treat them – through what they eat and how they move. It’s time to stop hating on and punishing our bodies, and instead show them appreciation and love, for they really are incredible vessels.


One of the top ways that I was able to connect with my body and finally overcome my issues with food and body was breathwork. In fact, after my very first breathwork session in Bali, I had never felt more connected to my body.



Breathwork helps provide a new level of awareness to the body and overall physicality. When you're that in tune with your body, you will be less likely to binge eat, because you will be able to tell the difference between physical hunger cues vs. emotional hunger cues.


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