It’s Time to Stop the Body Hate

I recently had this realization – you don’t hate your body, you hate the FAT on your body.


We are so quick to criticize, hate, and berate our bodies. We are so quick to shame and blame them, because we are taught, as a society, if our bodies aren’t perfect, they are “bad.” But here’s the truth: your body is incredible. It’s a divine vessel of so much wisdom and intelligence. Your body is your true north, your home, and the thing that allows you to experience this human life. Your body is magnificent.



So if you’re struggling with your body, be sure to make the distinction – you hate the fat on your body (or whatever “flaw” you zero in on), not the body itself. Language is so important, especially when we are establishing and/or healing the relationship to our body. Your words and thoughts color everything about your experience and mindset.


Although you may “hate your body,” your body is waiting for you to show up and trust it. It’s waiting for you to surrender control and allow it to guide you. But you can’t heal, trust, or be at peace with something that you hate. It’s okay to hate the fat on your body if you feel it’s not in alignment with who you are, and it’s okay to have a vision for a body that gives you more energy and vitality, and is aligned with the type of life you want to live, but stop shit talking your body. It’s your one true vessel to guide you and support you in this life.


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