Misery Loves Company

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Misery loves company.” It’s sooo true! It’s actually pretty mind blowing how many people base their connections solely around commiserating about all the things that are “going wrong” in their life, and just unhappiness in general.


Think about it for a minute – do you have any relationships in your life where a majority of your time together is spent complaining, gossiping, venting, and just being negative? If so – what are you actually getting out of those interactions? How are they helping you show up as your highest, best self?



Realistically, they probably aren’t. And here’s a harsh truth for you – a lot of times, we prioritize toxic connections over self-love. You can’t really have room for both consistently in your life. I meannn, you can’t hang out all day with Negative Nancy, vent a bunch of vitriol, egg on her misery, and then come home and get your happy, high vibrating zen on.


It’s time to release the toxic connections in your life.


Take inventory of the people in your life, and really spend some time reflecting on whether or not they light you up or drag you down the misery rabbit hole. A good way to tell if someone is a toxic connection is this: after you spend time with them, do you feel depleted and tired? Or do you feel light, happy, and positive?



A great way to maintain a more positive state and release toxic connections is through cord cutting. This is one of my favorite energetic practices. It’s where you visualize a cord connecting you and someone else and then envision cutting the cord and releasing the energetic bind that ties you together. Click here to listen to our cord cutting meditation, and allow yourself to release the toxic relationships that are no longer serving you.

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