Creating a Safe Container for Coaching

A huge part of being a successful wellness coach is creating a safe container for your clients to receive your services. Whether you’re working with a client one on one, or hosting a retreat for 20 people, creating a safe container looks the same. Be sure to:


Create a safe space where your clients feel seen and heard as their truest selves. So often clients come to us because they struggle with communicating and being vulnerable in the relationships in their lives. It’s important that they can be who they are with you, no matter what that may look like.



Validate your client’s feelings, thoughts, and experiences. In connecting with others, we often seek validation and understanding. Meet your client’s vulnerability with compassion, kindness, and understanding.


Be non-judgmental. Just as humans desperately seek authentic connection, we tend to be terrified of criticism and judgment. Show your clients that they are safe with you, and that they are safe to feel and express whatever they need to, and they will never be judged for it.



Creating a safe container for coaching is integral as a wellness expert. It will be within this space that your clients will release, feel, share, grow, and transform. On the flip side of this, remember to always maintain your own boundaries as a coach, ensuring that both you and your client get the most out of your relationship.

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