Vulnerability Is A Superpower

I know over the course of our lives, many of us are shamed or criticized for being “too sensitive.” But here’s the thing, being sensitive and in touch with your feelings isn’t a bad thing. Sharing yourself and your pain with others shouldn’t be shamed. The truth is that vulnerability is a superpower, and it can change your life.


For instance, take the struggle with food and body. There is so much shame and guilt around this fight, which is why people tend to hide it and isolate themselves. But doing this–the opposite of vulnerability–actually gives more power to the issues. It’s why so many of us are stuck in the diet/binge cycle for years and years and years. So how do you be more vulnerable and tap into this superpower? Remember these things:



Nobody is perfect. Stop letting your “flaws” keep you isolated in fear and shame. In my experience, it’s when I shared the “flawed” parts of myself and my darkest pain, that I’ve formed the deepest relationships in my life.


Ask for help. It's okay if you need support, most of us do. And if you think about it, nothing changes if nothing changes, right? So if you’ve always tried to handle your food and body struggle on your own, and you’re still struggling, maybe it’s time to do something different and seek support.


Know that vulnerability isn’t a weakness. It’s being in touch with your feelings. And I’m telling you, after working with THOUSANDS of people over the years, I can say with complete confidence that true healing, growth, and transformation comes from acknowledging your feelings, working through them, and sharing your experience with others.


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