Entrepreneurial Hack: Time Blocking

As a recovering people pleaser, I’ve been known to say yes to anything and everything and overcommit myself to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm. Luckily, if being an entrepreneur has taught me anything, it’s that an epic hack, for both business and personal stuff, is time blocking.


Time is your biggest asset, especially as an entrepreneur or wellness coach. You need to decide in advance to protect it and give yourself the space and energy to create balance in your life. If you’re always hustling and overcommitted, you will not turn out your best work or show up as your best self day after day. When I time block in regards to work, I’m diligent in making time for the following:



Content Creation



Outreach & relationship building

Follow up



And HECK YES I time block for self-care. If I’m a burnt out shell of a human, I can’t help others (let alone myself) or further my mission, jafeeeel me?! So reflect on how you’re spending your time and what you can cut or shift to protect your time and your energy.


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