Practicing Self-Acceptance

Practicing self-acceptance has been a game changer for me and so many of my clients over the years. However this can be a new, and sometimes scary, place to be, so as coaches, we really need to help our clients hone this practice to aid in their journey to healing and growth. Here’s a great starting point…


Coach your clients to accept what is. It’s not necessarily about “fixing” your clients feelings, but about acknowledging them. Help your clients learn how to breed awareness around their feelings, emotions, and state of being. Teach them how to observe them without identifying with them.



Get curious. Curiosity can be such a beautiful, enlightening tool when it comes to healing and transformation. Help your clients get curious about their pain and feelings. Create different questions they can ask themselves to really explore their beliefs and behaviors.


How does your client want to feel? It’s often easy for clients to tell us how they don’t want to feel, or what they don’t like, etc., but honing in on what they do want to feel can be a little trickier. Create some time and space for your clients to really reflect on what they want to feel and experience, and then they can start to “act as if” they feel that way until they actually do.


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