Own Your Dreams

Your dreams aren’t lame. The things you’re passionate about, and your most heart-felt desires are there for a reason. Of course in today’s society, where hustling for your worth is the norm, it can be easy to put your dreams on the back burner, if you think about them at all. Raise your hand if you’ve ever shared your dreams with someone else and heard one of these in response:


“Shouldn’t you get a real job?”

“Will you even make money doing that?”

“Yeah, good luck – the market is already saturated”

“Don’t you need to go to university to do that?”



Whether these are external voices from the people in your life, or your own little voice in the back of your head, know this – it’s complete BS. I know it’s so much easier to listen to these voices. It’s so much easier to agree with them, because they are just saying what the whole world thinks, right? This is why “going against the grain” or chasing your dreams can legit feel like the wrong path.  


I get it, I really do. To be honest, pursuing my own dream has its days where I am dealing with crippling anxiety, to the point where I feel debilitated. When I take my focus off of where I’m going, I can literally feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Those nasty little voices creep in, and I question everything.


But here’s the cool thing – just GOING FOR IT was one of the best decisions I ever made. To get out of my own way and serve in the way that lights me up and helps the world – it has literally changed my life for the better and brought so much love, magic, and connection into my world.


If I would have listened to those voices, I would have convinced myself that my dream was lame and probably would have been a struggling actress, hating my life in a corporate job, or a personal trainer. ALLL of which are not in my highest alignment. (Like just the thought of them makes me clench up in anxiety hahaha.)



The gifts of following your dreams are endless. Who you get to be when you choose yourself, take a leap of faith, and see your creations come into the world is so freakin incredible and transformational. It really is nourishing to experience.


It’s time to decide which voice you’re going to listen to – the comfortable one that keeps you stuck or the expansive one that may feel scary but leads to a massive pay off?

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