Follow Your Excitement

One of the best wisdom bombs I can drop when it comes to building a successful business is to follow your excitement. We think what we’re seeking is money, safety, status, etc., but at the end of the day, it’s actually just plain old happiness. Fulfillment wins out over money every single time. And the best way to experience this comes from following your excitement.



Build your business around your passions. What lights you up? What makes you come alive? In what way can you deliver your knowledge and service in a way that makes you feel so dang impactful and fulfilled?


Yes, there will be the not so fun aspects of building a successful business, but you get to decide whether or not you enjoy those things, too. Even with the not so fun stuff, you can connect with your deeper why, and tap into that passion and excitement. It’s not always about doing things the “right” way or working with the “best” guru – sometimes it’s just about tapping into what makes you who you are and infusing that magic into your business.



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