Positive Thinking is a Shitty Growth Strategy

I know positive thinking is another one of those ~trends~ but the truth is that it’s a pretty shitty growth strategy. No, seriously, it’s useless. It’s as good as dial up internet (remember that nonsense?!). That’s the equivalent of positive thinking – it’s archaic, it’s dated, and it needs an upgrade.

So, what is that upgrade? It’s upgrading your energy, not your thoughts. When you focus on your energy, you, BY DEFAULT, upgrade your thoughts. It’s literally a byproduct. When you try to “think positive” while your mind is fighting thoughts of fear and your body is riddled with anxiety, you aren’t going to get anywhere. You won’t experience real change.



Here are a few of my favorite hacks when it comes to upgrading your energy:

  • Focus on your heart, the energy of expansion
  • Focus on ONE thing that lets you calm down your body
  • One word: breathwork
  • Movement while focusing on your highest self
  • Looking at the world through the lens of love
  • Giving back and helping humanity

These are all ways in which you can upgrade your energy so your mind follows suit effortlessly. Don’t fight your monkey mind, instead tap into that infinite source you have within you, waiting to be released.


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