Energy Hygiene

Energetics are everything, which is why I’m soooo dang obsessed with this topic. It’s super important to be aware of your energy and also take care of it. I can speak from personal experience – the more tuned into my energy I am, the better I feel in every single area of my life and daily experience. So let’s jam on energy hygiene and how you can work it into your daily routine…

Just as it sounds, energy hygiene is keeping your energy clean, clear, and high. You can do this a number of ways. When it comes to daily energy hygiene, creating boundaries is key. Whether it’s boundaries with your family, friends, coworkers, or clients, set the bar for how you want to be treated. Awareness is another big one when it comes to energetics. Start to recognize what gives you energy vs. what depletes your energy, so that you can make things that light you up common occurrences in your life.



You can also practice energy hygiene through specific practices. Some of my favorites include: 

  • Cord cutting – You can do this via a guided meditation, or just create your own practice that includes epic visualization and feeling into your energy.
  • Meditation – Old school meditation or guided meditations can work, whichever your preference in the moment. Just take a minute to ground yourself in your body and ask it what it needs.
  • Reiki – Nothing like some good ole energy healing 🙂
  • Chakra work – Chakras are a whoooole ‘nother realm of energetics and magic, but in general, being aware of them, tuning into them, and trying your best to keep them balanced and cleansed can have an amazing impact on your daily energy.

There are so many different practices when it comes to keeping your energetics clear and high vibing. I suggest you do a little research, experiment with different activities, and see which ones resonate with you most.


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