Don’t Be Afraid to Be Real

One of my BFFs recently called me out on not being my authentic self on social media, and you know what? She was totally right! I had this story that I was “too much,” or that if I shared my zany sense of humor, I wouldn’t come off as professional, and it would in turn hurt my business.

But the more I thought about it, and the more I reflected on my experience as an entrepreneur, I realized that the truth is that being authentic and sharing the real me has always been the thing that has led to my success. Being real and vulnerable, even on the shitty days – especially then – builds community. I realized that the truth was quite the opposite of the story my monkey mind had created – people are actually drawn to my zany sense of humor (I mean…it’s their funeral 😉

Your quirks are what resonate with people. Being genuine is what resonates with people. Being fearless when it comes to owning your truth and sharing who you are, no matter what the haters may think, is what will inspire others to do the same. So don’t be afraid to be real. Figure out your truth, own it, and shine your light on the world. 


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