Can’t Stop Binge Eating?

“I can’t stop binge eating!”

Back in the day, when I was a personal trainer (and struggling with my own disordered eating on the sly), this was something I heard frequently from quite a few of my clients. And it sucked, because I didn’t know how to help them. Back then, I didn’t know that binge eating has NOTHING to do with food.

Back then, I was trying my best to teach all the “tried and true” methods that we’re beat over the head with by the $80 billion weight loss industry. Ya know, willpower and quick fix fad diets that don’t actually work, aka bandaids for bullet wounds. 



Good thing I did struggle with food and body. Because it was only from going through my own painful journey that I realized the truth. I learned the REAL way to stop binge eating: we need to stop externalizing an internal problem, because the more emphasis we put on food and weight loss, the worse the problem gets. 

Meal plans, exercise regimes, supplements, or anything else OUTSIDE of us will never fill the internal need of self-love and self worth. You think you need to lose 10 pounds, but what you really need is unconditional self-love. To overcome binge eating, you need to go DEEPER.

You need to address the core issue.

You need to connect back into your body.

You need to feel in order to heal.

When you fundamentally heal what is creating the urge to overeat in the first place, then the behaviours will take care of themselves.



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