Ditch Comparison

When we want to change, grow, and transform, it’s natural to look outside of ourselves and mirror those who have seemingly accomplished what we so desperately want. But here’s the truth: comparison is the thief of joy, and endlessly scrolling through social media feeds that only make you feel worse ain’t doing you any favors. This is why it’s so important to work with your clients on comparison, perspective, and focusing on themselves.



Each time they look at someone else’s highlight reel and feel like a pile of shit, they are taking a moment away from appreciating the beautiful human that they are. Behind EVERY curated feed exists a human with human problems and emotions. Don’t let your clients give into the illusion of perfection. Instead of modeling someone's success, your client’s ONLY goal should be happiness. Their intention should be to optimize that feeling on a daily basis. Have your client ask themself:

How do I WANT to feel?

What can I do NOW to feel more of that?

What does my SOUL need?

And then have them ditch the obsessive comparison, the addiction to perfectionism, and the habit of ignoring their own brilliance. Each and every one of us are beautiful, magical humans, and we need to acknowledge that.


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