Allow Yourself to Fail

Here’s something I wish someone told me back when I first launched my business: don’t be afraid to suck. The key to mastery in anything you do is allowing yourself to suck, allowing yourself to fumble the ball, be embarrassed, and have NO IDEA how to “do it properly.” My truth is that I usually suck at everything I do at first…

I bombed my first coaching call. Halfway through, I was like, “Oh gawd, she hates me.” My first webinar? Ya. NO ONE showed up. The first group program that was going to “sell out quick?” No one bought it. My first blog post looked like it was written by someone who’s 8th language was English. My first speaking gig, I stuttered my way through it, and then got so flustered that I forgot half of what I was meant to say. I nearly shit myself doing my first Facebook live, even though NO ONE was watching.



To be a master or expert at anything, you can’t be afraid to suck. The cool thing is that sucking at some stuff will make it feel really freakin’ good when you master something else. It takes years of showing up, working hard, and committing to becoming the best version of yourself to be truly successful. Show yourself some grace, don’t be afraid to fail, and just keep on keeping on – sometimes it’s resiliency over mastery that really up levels your business.


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