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Here is what our coaches have to say about the Certification Program..

Cheryl Hawrychuk

I am so incredibly moved and impacted by all of the components of the lectures. It's truly hard to pick one area that has been the best. I look forward to the audio and video component every week. I am not much of a reader....turning pages puts me to sleep..but I love the learning that happens in the videos and lessons. I also have the opportunity to review them over and over. The coursework is so integral to shifting and learning process. Completing the Firebox documentation solidifies the lecture and audio components. It is truly is top notch!!!

I have learned and loved the 'magic' that happens during the lectures on Mondays for all of us. It's coaching in the moment, truly integrating our learning with each other and Samantha’s ability to coach us in the moment. This opportunity has been a game changer for me and my life. Ending the battle with food and finding body freedom has not only has impacted my life, but the lives of women around me. The messages are infectious. I can’t keep it to myself!! Now that I have seen what true ‘happiness' can feel like…I can’t imagine living any other way. Food is food…..finding happiness and loving your body has nothing to do with FOOD.

Sister coaching connections have been an amazing opportunity to integrate the learning from Samantha and really look at our own personal growth - at our struggles, desire and commitments. I can't wait to connect with my sister coach each and every week! I feel I have finally found other women who believe in shifting and changing from the inside out, not looking for the next fad to transform your body and your life. I couldn’t imagine my life without Samantha Skelly and Jenn Mansell at Hungry for Happiness!

Sara Kinnersly

I love the the weekly group call sessions (lectures) so much. Being able to connect with Sam, Jenn and the ladies on a weekly basis to discuss and hear about the concepts we are learning in real time is just huge and a major part of completely integrating everything we are exploring.

I look forward to each lecture so much and it’s so empowering to get feedback in real time about this content.

Britt Felix Lopez

My favorite part of the program is diving into personal development. In particular I'm enjoying exploring more about my inner child.

There is so much to sort through here - it has been confronting at times, but I know that I need to have more awareness around where she is holding me back from being my best self.

Richelle Ludwig

I really enjoy the daily practices as they are livening up my regular routine. It's getting me to go deeper in my own discovery and look at things I hadn't paid attention to before. I really love the weekly sister coach chats and the lectures on Mondays!

I really can't say I have one favourite part of the program as I love it all! I enjoy how it's spaced out too.

Carolyn Janke

This is the first time I've been apart of a support group of women who are focusing their attention on disordered eating.

I so appreciate Sam’s straightforward approach, the nitty-grittyness of diving in head first. The woman are amazing, they are all leaders in their own way.

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