End The Struggle With Food and Your Body For Good

What You’ll Receive In Our 12 Months Together:

  • Monthly Themes To Free You From Food & Body Struggles
  • 1 90 Minute Live Webinar Training With Samantha
  • 1 90 Minute Live Webinar Training With Cheryl, Director of Hungry for Happiness Mentorship
  • 5 30 Minute Q&A Integration Calls With My Top Coaches and Mentors
  • Support from a mentor who is a certified food & body coach
  • A Private Membership Site Where You’ll Have Access to All Course Materials Any Time You Want
  • Private Client Community Portal
  • Bonus 1: The Journey By Pause Breathwork: 6 Week Online Course
  • Bonus 2: 21 Day Food Freedom & Body Love Meditation Journey
  • A global community of women who totally get you, and support you
  • Access to the Hungry for Happiness team who will take a powerful stand for your freedom

“I’m finally free of the eating disorder, and the terrible thoughts that went along with it, that ruled more than 18 years of my life!”

– Chelsey Luren Dixon, Vancouver, Canada

“People keep telling me that I seem so much happier, and they’re right, I am!”

– Brandi Butts, Prairieville, Louisiana

“I highly recommend working with Samantha and her team! It will be the best money you’ve ever spent! I am completely in awe at the transformation in my life, and the lives of those close to me, because of the work I’ve done with them.”

– Amy Matyas, Buffalo, New York

We are so excited to support you in the Food Freedom Journey!

Please answer the following questions for us, so that we can understand more about you, your current struggle, and how you would like to transform.

Please know that your answers are confidential and are only shared among the enrollment team and your mentor so that we can better support you on this journey.

Take a moment to breathe. You’ll want to be in your most present and conscious state before answering these questions. Be open. Be honest. Be clear.

This is the first step in overcoming your issues with food and body – FOR GOOD.

Let’s get started…

All love,