Episode 028: Flip Your Flaws with Renee Airya

Episode 028: Flip Your Flaws with Renee Airya
This episode with Renee Airya is about accepting the range of our emotions and feeling comfortable with expressing them. We also talk about connecting to our truth, which comes up often on the podcast, but it's so important for us to create that internal channel of connection. I love how Renee invites us to feel into our truth to decide who we are and who we’re not in the moment. And, we get to change that every moment. I tell my client's all the time, it’s all about what we can do in the moment because as we grow and evolve, our truth will change- and that’s OK.  

About Renee

Renee Airya is a former fashion model who has healed from three near death experiences, including massive brain surgery and facial paralysis. Her book, “Flip Your Flaws” is a compelling story of Renee’s personal emotional, spiritual, and physical journey from paralyzation to liberation. She encourages everyone to step out of hiding by flipping their flaws and using them as a gateway for expressing their sincerity and most unique abilities.

Inside this episode, Renee shares

  1.   How we can learn to appreciate our flaws and change the story surrounding them.
  2.   What happens when we assume other people have it together and we don’t.
  3.   How we can invite more creativity into our lives.

What you’ll hear:

  • 11:12- How we can experience different emotions without negating them.
  • 19:55- How we can understand ourselves on a deeper level.
  • 23:00- The reason why it’s so hard to connect to our truth.
  • 36:00- How to set fierce boundaries with compassion.

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