EP 072: Discovering and Healing Protectors with Andrew DeGregorio

EP 072: Discovering and Healing Protectors with Andrew DeGregorio
This episode is very, very special to me. I had the honor of going to visit Andrew in his beautiful center in California here, and it's so incredible. I just feel so excited about sharing him with you because he is such a special person to me. I've been working with Andrew for about 2 years now, working on energy work. He is such a talented healer. What Andrew does, I can’t even explain it. He’s able to clear energy, move energy, really understand patterns and attachment, and really getting to the root of why we do what we do and why we are stuck in these behaviors and patterns that aren't serving us. He is just an absolute wizard. In this episode, we talked about how to truly access energy in our bodies, which is something that I know we talked about a lot about on the show, but the way that Andrew frames it is so beautiful and really allows us to dig into the part of us that feels calm, and feels safe. So Andrew had a near-death experience which really let him into this whole body of work. He didn't wake up one day, deciding to do this work. He was actually comedian. One day, he was surfing and he got smoked in the head with a surfboard, and he had a spiritual awakening. It's just such a beautiful story. He's such a grounded individual yet has this power to just heal, influence, and just be such a leader for oneness and wholeness.

About Andrew DeGregorio

At the age of 32, a surfboard bashed into Andrew’s head when he was out surfing one day. He was left unconscious in the ocean until a stranger pulled him out and saved his life. Andrew was never the same again. Andrew began to question his identity. He became incredibly present to the world in a way he never experienced before. Andrew took it upon himself to dive deep into healing and discovered his purpose.

Inside this episode, Andrew shares

  • Learning to access safety in our bodies, so we can use it when fear arises within us.
  • How Andrew’s near death experience led him to become a healer.
  • How our childhood protectors have positive and negative impacts on our adult life.
  • How to acknowledge our protectors so they don’t control our experience.
  • How shifting our perception allows us to shift our energy.
  • The difference between true discernment and being in resistance.
  • Being intentional and intuitive with the types of coaches and healers you decide to work with.

You can find more about Andrew at:

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