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About the Retreats

Surrender into silence, relax into connection, and transform through love. The Hungry for Happiness retreats are a powerful and unique experience. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in the deep, transformational work while escaping into a serene paradise that will nourish your body and nurture your soul. Hungry for Happiness founder Samantha Skelly personally runs these intimate experiences all around the world throughout the year. These experiences are powerful, and you will leave the retreat renewed, feeling alive, and reconnected to your soul.

If that excites you, read on.


What will you get out of the retreat?

• How to finally release the guilt & frustration around food
• Tools and strategies to derail emotional eating & how to connect into your body
• Deep, meaningful connections with the women who attend
• A journey to awaken the breath to release trauma from the body
• Being nourished by top chefs providing quality food

It’s time to stop hiding, join us and discover your authentic self.

Let's ditch mediocrity and invite in excellence. It's time to discover the fire that is dormant within you.
Right now you have the power and ability to enrich your life from within – let’s unlock it.


Join us as we build unshakeable confidence through working on our emotional landscape and empower ourselves  to reach states of inner bliss. No change is one-dimensional, so we dive deep and tie it together with personal growth, self-love, and body-love strategies.

So what can I expect?

Reflection, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation
Take these four days to rediscover what truly makes you happy.
Fall in love with yourself all over again.
Leave feeling uplifted and inspired, ready for anything.

Share Time with Like-Minded Women
Let's take this time together to create ease and fluidity in our busy lives.
Say yes to the support you deserve.
And know that you are never in this journey alone.

Transformational Breath Work
Release stuck trauma you can't access with talk therapy.
Learn breathing basics to derail constant anxiety in the body.
Feel the depth of connection that comes with properly utilizing the breath.

Self-Love & Discovery Sessions
Discover how to finally end the battle with food and your body.
Learn how to listen to your body from a place of intuition and love.
Detach yourself from the diet/binge cycle & stop obsessing over food and your body.

Jasmine Rakhra

The Hungry For Happiness Retreat allowed me to explore, discover, and reconnect with parts of my body I didn't think mattered or had anything to do with my relationship to food. In this safe place, I was able to let go and be authentic with my bottled emotions; cleanse my manifested beliefs, and untangle the root of my suffering.

This experience transformed me and bettered me in ways I never thought possible.


Next Retreat: In Squamish BC, Canada

September 26th to 30th, 2019

Learn how to listen to your body from a place of intuition and love.
Detach yourself from the diet/binge cycle & stop obsessing over food and your body.